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The Quilt batting online store has anything you might want in quilt batting supplies. We do not at this time offer other quilting supplies, such as quilting fabric or quilt patterns. We try to do a few things very well. We do have polyfill, pillow stuffing, pillow forms or pillow inserts, cotton and polyester quilt batting. We offer polyester fiberfill from several companies. So if you are into quilt making you will need quilt batting. You can choose from many types of quilt batting. Wool, bamboo, organic cotton, polyester, quilt batting by the roll, blended batting, batting for machine quilting,  batting for hand quilting. Polyester quilt batting by the roll is our lead sells product at this time. We offer many brand named products. Batting made by Airtex, Buffalo Batt and Felt, Dixie Down, Fairfield Processing Company,  Hobbs Bonded Fibers, Pellon, Mountain Mist, Quilters Dream Batting, The Warm Company,  and others. If you do not find the product you want please let us know and we will do our best to have it for you on your next visit.

We are excited about your visit. Don’t forget to bookmark us for future visits. The QUILT BATTING STORE  www.quiltbatting.com is your place for online shopping for quilt batting, pillow forms or pillow inserts, artificial or fake snow replacement cushions, NuFoam, poly pellets, polyfill, densified polyester fibers and just too many other items to list. You may be working on a project where you need polyester or cotton batting for upholstery wrap. Please browse our huge selection of products. We have over 1500 items to be listed.  We also make products to your requirements with large orders. Just let us know what you need.  We are associated with several factories that can make what you need.  We do lots of commercial project for companies by the truckload.

Many of these fine quilt batting companies offer their familiar brand named products, such as:
Steam-A-Seam, Super fluff, Ultra fluff, Dacron, Softheart, Promotional Fiberfill, Polydown, polyfil, or Poly fill, Thermore, Heirloom, Crafty Stuff, Blue Ribbon, Gold, Quilt-light, Fiberloft, Gold-fuse, White Gold Fusible, Comfortloft, Designers’ Choice, Pillowloft, pillow forms, Midnight Dream Poly, Sweet Dreams, Warm & Natural, Warm & White, Soft & Bright, steam-a-seam, fusible quilt batting. Nufoam, American Spirit, Crafter’s Choice Foamology, HomeElegance, Nature-Fil, Noire, Fairfield, Oly*Fun, Poly-Pellets, Poly-fil, Soft & Toasty, Soft Touch, Weather Soft, Heirloom, Tuscany, Poly-Down, Thermore, Upholstery Wrap, Warm & Natural, Warm & White, Warm & Plush, Warm 80/20, Warm 100, Soft & Bright, Sew-In & Fusible Warm Fleece, Home Foam, Insul-Bright, Insul-Shire, Warm Window, Lite Steam-A-Seam 2, Steam-A-Seam 2, Buffalo Snow, Buffalo Snow Flurries, SnoWonder, Buffalo Snow Glitter, Fusible Batting, Quilt-Light, White Rose, Cream Rose, Fatt Batt, Craft Batt, Poly-Insulate, Air-Lite, Fiberloft, Pillowloft,

Polyester Roll 2-min
Quilt Batting, Organic Cotton,  We have polyester Fiberfill in three colors, white, green and brown for pillow stuffing, toy stuffing,  or teddy bear stuffing.

THE QUILT BATTING STORE has quilt batting, organic cotton quilt batting, polyester quilt batting.  We are delighted to be distributors of these fine companies’ products. Our pricing is setup for both the individual buyer and the company that buys in bulk and deserves wholesale pricing. All customers, because we sell mostly by the case, get a discount off normal retail prices. In addition, we offer a volume discount on most items. Each company has wonderful copyrighted products, Heirloom, Poly-fil, Steam-A-Seam, Super and Ultra

Each company has wonderful copyrighted products, Heirloom, Poly-fil, Steam-A-Seam, Super and Ultra fluff, Dacron, Softheart, promotional fiberfill, Polydown, Thermore, Crafty Stuff, Blue Ribbon, White Rose, Cream Rose, Gold, Quilt-light, Fiberloft, Fatt Batt, Gold-fuse, White Gold Fusible, Comfortloft, Designers’ Choice, Pillowloft, pillow forms, Midnight Dream Poly, Sweet Dreams, Warm & Natural, Warm & White, Soft & Bright.

You will find polyester fibers, pillow inserts, fiberfill, cotton and wool as well and different blends or mixtures. Some blended products are 50/50, 70/30 and some or 80/20. We offer a lot of stuffing products for your craft projects.

On this site, you will find all sizes of quilt batting, craft, crib, twin, full, double, queen, and king size batts comforters. Some companies’ products or resin bonded others or thermal bonded or bonding and other use all natural or organic, some use no chemicals in their products. They all have come a long way in bearding and bunching. Some batts are best for hand sewing and other are designed for machine quilting then others for hand tied quilts. Some companies recommend pre-washing of cotton batting which will have a 3 to 5% shrinkage on the first washing. You will find all types of pillow inserts, round and neck pillows. Bolster pillows are very popular.

You may want to consider quilted muslin on one of your projects. Some terms are used to describe lofts such as request, select, deluxe, supreme, thin, and thinnest, other use low loft, medium loft, high loft, extra loft, supreme, ultra, Fatt Batt and Superfluff. They offer batting by the roll and fiberfill in bulk most batting comes by the case. You can purchase near wholesale prices. Some companies offer free patterns with a purchase. Among our customers are the individual quilt maker and companies like “The Smithsonian” and other fine museums, We have several schools and hospitals as regular customers. Museums need thermally bonded polyester batting to wrap fine art before shipping. Some companies use our products for water filtration. We sell to hospitals and schools. These institutions buy a lot of polyester fiberfill, schools for craft projects and hospitals for making their own pillows. Nu-foam is a very hot item now. This product has many great qualities, outdoor furniture replacement cushions, boat cushions, patio furniture cushions, and window seat cushions. Poly-Pellets is a good-moving item mostly used for doll making and weighted blankets.

Quilt batting is our thing. We offer the products of several major quilt batting companies. THE QUILT BATTING STORE is the place where you can buy quilt batting, polyester fiberfill, pillow inserts, regular and high-density foam, Nu-foam (densified polyester fibers), poly pellets, upholstery material, seat cushions, and a lot more. Here you can find information to educate yourself about quilt batting and most quilt batting companies’ products. If you already know the quilt batting product you like just click on that company’s tab at the top of this page. We offer all of these fine companies product lines. Quilt batting comes mostly in three different materials. The most popular are polyester, cotton, and wool, Bamboo is starting to a showing. Polyester quilt batting is the least expensive. Cotton usually cost about twice as much. Then, the wool which is about twice as expensive as cotton. Most quilt batting companies offer the fibers in a blended form, a mixture such as cotton and polyester. Each type of quilt batting has its positive points.
Quilt batting is usually put together using two different methods. First needled or needled punched. This method uses the technique of sending thousands of barbed needles back and forth through the fibers. This process ties the fibers together into a fairly tight-woven product, almost like felt. Then, there is the bonded quilt batting which is normally thicker–having a “loft.” bonded batting is made in two different methods. Either resin bonded (glued) or thermally bonded (heat) until they stick together. The company starts out by building up the polyester fibers until the desired weight or ounces of fibers per linear yard is reached. It usually comes in 48″ and 96″ wide. Usually the more ounces of fiber the higher the loft or the thickness. The thinnest is usually about .25″ loft and has about 3 oz of fiber per linear yard. The thickest loft is anywhere from 1.00″ to as much as 1.50″, and has about 10 ounces of fibers per linear yard on the 48″ wide and 20 oz on the 96″ wide. We do not give any type guarantee on the loft of any bonded quilt batting we do stand behind the oz weight of the product. The loft on these polyester batting products can vary between different factories. It can very even with the same factory from time to time. Each company that makes batting even though they use the same polyester fibers get a different look and feel to the batting. Most polyester fiber quilt batting is pure white and it is used, many times in displays and on stages and home decor to look like snow. Cotton Quilt Batting comes in its natural color, being a light tan, or bleached white. You have a choice of natural or bleached. Cotton batting is almost always needled. Quilters Dream Batting makes a black polyester needled quilt batting for use with dark colored fabric where the white might bleed through.

American Made we only deal with USA suppliers.

Buys in bulk amounts and save.

We get e-mails every week from suppliers in Asia asking us to buy from them.  We report these e-mails as spam.

Are you wondering how Americans can compete with nations like China where the average manufacturing wage is 57 cents an hour? Are you wondering how, if they can offshore call centers, computer programming, and accounting, there will be any good jobs left they can’t offshore? Are you wondering how America can keep importing and running up debt without going bankrupt? Are you wondering how America can be a powerful nation without an industrial base? All of our products are made in the USA.

Please note a volume discount on most products if you purchase in large amounts. You can view the different pricing after clicking the hypertext link of the product. You may need to scroll down a little to see the pricing structure. Bulk pricing works as follows: 3 items receive a 5% discount. 5 items get a 10% discount. 7 items 15%. 10 or more items 17.5% discount. This is after about a 20% discount on normal retail pricing. Quilt batting is sold by the case and by the roll. The by the case are precut to make different size quilts namely: crib, throw, twin, full, queen, super queen, and king sizes. You can also get the organic cotton quilt batting and wool quilt batting by the roll.



UPS is the normal shipping method. Some products are shipped through USPS. You have to enter your SHIP TO information before the site will figure shipping cost.  Our site is tied to UPS and they figure shipping rates. Quilters Dream products are normally shipped via FEDEX.

Shipping on several of our products is by size and not by weight. They charge oversize rates on some the items offer.  Large boxes are necessary due to the nature of these products.


Shipments outside the 48 states.

For shipments outside the 48 states. We cannot guarantee or insure any shipment from loss or damage. In placing an order outside the 48 states you agreed to take responsibility for any loss or damage that may occur. Most all shipments outside the 48 states will be sent via United States Postal Service.  At your request, we will try to ship whatever method you require. So once shipped we have to consider the order as delivered. If this is not agreeable to you, please do not place an order that requires shipment outside the 48 states. Each order is handled on a case by case basis.

We receive the following request quite often: DO YOU SHIP OUTSIDE THE USA?
Our answer: Rarely

Most items we offer are very expensive to ship outside the USA. We have given shipping rates to folks outside the US. They almost never order once they see what it cost to ship.
Out of the last 100 request made 2 people still wanted us to ship an item after we told them the shipping cost.
It is usually a waste of both of our efforts.



We do accept returns with limitations. The items must still be in like new and in resalable condition. Items must be returned within 10 days of the delivery date. If we made a mistake in shipping (such as an incorrect product), we will replace with the correct item or reimburse the full purchase amount plus shipping. If you have a change of mind or order an incorrect item shipping cost will not be returned. Our mistakes we fix.  We try not to make any. Your mistakes you fix. In those cases shipping back to us will be at the customer expense.  ALL POLYURETHANE FOAM IS MADE AND CUT TO ORDER AND CANNOT BE RETURNED. Once we have cut the product it belongs to you. All custom orders are nonrefundable.
Ask yourself

When choosing a batting…

What sort of quilt is it for – wall hanging, bed or lap quilt, children’s quilt..?
How puffy do you want the finished quilt?
Do you want an antique puckering look?
Do you intend to hand or machine quilt it?
How thick do you want it – is it intended for use somewhere very cold where warmth is the main priority?
Washing the finished quilt – will it be a child’s quilt that may need fairly frequent and easy washing, or is ease of washing, not a priority? This should be a consideration when purchasing your batting.

A little information about what you may need in batting products.

Quilters have a large selection of quilt batting from which to choose. There is a low loft, medium loft, high loft, extra high loft, and super loft. Choose from cotton, polyester, wool or various blends. Some quilt batting is meant for hand quilting and others for machine quilting. While some batting is suitable for either hand or machine quilting. Others batts are meant to be tied, comforter-style. The thinner batting can be used in clothing or wall hangings. Thicker batting is ideal for mattress covers and acoustical aids for home theaters. A needled or needle punched polyester batting with heavy weights (poly-pellets)makes great incontinence pads as well as for weighted blankets. The weighted blankets are often used for children with autism. The blanket should be the equivalent to approximately 10% of the child’s body weight.

Some quilt batting can also come with a scrim. The scrim makes the batting more stable but it is harder for hand sewing. Needle punched batting is easier to hand quilt. For hand quilters, ease of needling is an important consideration and hand quilters prefer polyester as it is easier to work with. Cotton or cotton/polyester blends are preferred for machine quilting as they cling to the fabric and there is less shifting, thus alleviating puckers on the bottom lining.

Batting is the part of the quilt that does not show but it determines the look of the finished product. If it is for a bed, it should provide warmth. If it is for a wall hanging, it should be a low loft and hang fairly flat. Also, note that cotton batts take longer to dry while polyester ones dry fairly quickly.

Polyester batts can lose their loft, whereas cotton ones become softer and more supple with use and repeated washing. Cotton batts and wool batts, being of natural fiber, tend to “breathe”. Polyester batts can trap in the air and do not ‘breathe’, thus making you ‘sweat’. Cotton batts are heavier than polyester. Children’s quilts tend to lean toward polyester because they are lighter and they are easier to wash and maintain. Keep in mind that polyester batting will cause a quilt to melt when exposed high heat or fire. Polyester batts can beard, i.e. the batting may creep to the top of the quilt.

Cotton batts may or may not be bleached. Look for the words white (bleached) or natural (a light tan). You can purchase black batts for dark pieced tops. If a quilt top is predominantly white, bleached cotton should be used or your batting color may show through the top. Hobbs’ Bleached Organic Heirloom Cotton and Fairfield Bleached Cotton are some examples. Most 100% cotton batts need to be quilted 2″ apart between quilting lines. Read the instructions on your batting package as some cotton batts can now be quilted farther apart.
The scrim found in cotton batts adds stability to the batting. The scrim is synthetic. Some batts are needle punched, meaning puncture marks are added to the batting for ease of hand quilting. Cotton has a tendency to shrink an average of about 5%.
Cotton or cotton/polyester blends are preferred for machine quilting as it clings to the fabric and helps prevent shifting, thus alleviating puckers on the bottom lining.

Some batts are blended such as 80% cotton and 20% polyester. The polyester content means that you can quilt farther apart than if it was all cotton. It generally does not have to be pre-washed but the instructions say that you have to quilt 3 1/2″ apart. For use with either hand or machine quilting.

Some are predominantly polyester with 20% cotton. It looks and feels like cotton and is readily available. It should be pre-washed as it may contain plant seeds.

Natural cotton quilt batting can give your washed quilt an antique look. This would be true also with organic cotton quilt batting.

Wool Batting may be treated with lanolin or other resins. It can be machine-washed. The cost is slightly higher than cotton but it hand quilts as easily as polyester. There is no pull on the needle and it is easier to hand-quilt than cotton. Wool tends to beard.

Polyester batting allows for quilting to be farther apart.

At all times follow the instructions provided on the bags regarding how closely you can quilt, whether to pre-wash or not and if it is for hand or machine quilting.

Quilt batting Care

Polyester quilt batting should be air dried if possible. If you use a dryer use your lowest heat setting.

Standard Tolerances

2.00″ or less +/- .06″(+/- 1/16″)
2.01″ to 6.00″ +/- .09″(+/- 3/32″)
6.01″ to 16.00″ +/- .13″(+/- 1/8″)
16.01″ to 34.00″ +/- .25″(+/- 1/4″)
34.01″ and greater +/-.0075

This for all products offered on the website.

When it comes to loft (thickness) of bonded quilt batting. This will vary with Mfg. company’s and we use the term approx. Batting lofts can vary from run to run but only slightly, and how long it stays compress after shipping. You should unwrap compressed polyester batting as soon as it arrives.


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