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Earth-Friendly Batting made 100% from Recycled Plastic Bottles! Dream Green is a soft, cozy batting made 100% from recycled plastic bottles! Dream Green meets our highest standards of quality, function, and performance. Your needles will glide through this unique eco-friendly batting. Finished quilt may be machine-washed and dried with little to no shrinkage. Dream Green is wrinkle-resistant. Each pound of Dream Green Batting keeps 10 plastic bottles out of our landfills. Plastic bottles are cut into chips, washed, melted and extruded into fine polyester fibers. These recycled fibers are indistinguishable from “virgin” polyester fibers yet are made without depleting our precious natural resources. To avoid additional processing we have kept the soft “natural” green bottle color – but you can rest assured that Dream Green is colorfast and compatible to all your finest quilts and projects. Dream Green has been carded, cross lapped and needle-punched for uniformity, strength, and resiliency. There is no scrim or resins yet you can stitch up to 12” apart! Utilizing eco-efficient recycling Quilters Dream has developed a wonderful quilt batting that truly accomplishes the meaning of “green.” GREEN FACTS: Studies show that the energy saved by recycling a single plastic bottle – as compared to producing a new one from scratch – is enough to power a single 60-watt bulb for six hours. The amount of petroleum saved annually by using post-consumer bottles instead of virgin materials in the manufacturing process is enough to supply power to a city the size of Atlanta for an entire year! It is reported the process of recycling plastic bottles results in a 66% reduction of energy consumption, nearly 90% reduction of water usage and reduction of carbon dioxide by 2.5 times. Dream Green comes in these sizes: Craft 46″ x 36″ (keeping 3.5 bottles from the landfill) Crib 46″ x 60″ (keeping 5.5 bottles from the landfill) Throw 60″ x 60″ (keeping 7 bottles from the landfill) Twin 93″ x 72″ (keeping 13 bottles from the landfill) Double 96″ x 93″ (keeping 17 bottles from the landfill) Queen 108″ x 93″ (keeping 20 bottles from the landfill) Super Queen 93″ x 121″ (keeping 24 bottles from the landfill) King 122″ x 120″ (keeping 28 bottles from the landfill) Bolts 46″ x 15 linear yards Just like a bolt of fabric! (keeping 49.5 bottles from the landfill) 61″ x 15 linear yards Just like a bolt of fabric! (keeping 64 bottles from the landfill) Queen Folded Roll 93″ x 30 linear yards (keeping 200 bottles from the landfill) King Folded Roll 120″ x 25 linear yards (keeping 220 bottles from the landfill)
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8 Reviews

  • 5
    Dream Green Batting

    Posted by Unknown on 20th Nov 2023

    This is great batting for utility quilts. I especially like it for children's quilts that will be washed frequently. It's easy to quilt and there is the extra advantage of being made from recycled pop bottles.

  • 5
    Dream Green Batting is a good product

    Posted by Deborah on 4th Sep 2023

    This batting is nice, medium weight white batting. I use it for baby quilts, which are donated to charities in my area. I like knowing that it is made from recycled water bottles, and it is an excellent quality batting.

  • 4
    Quilters Dream Green

    Posted by BHM on 12th Jan 2023

    Although I do like cotton batting, I am committed to using recycled products. Quilters Dream Green is easy to machine quilt, drapes nicely and washes well. I use it almost exclusively for charity quilts and find it economical to buy the large king roll as I can get so many quilts out of that.

  • 5
    Green polyester!

    Posted by Deborah McKenna on 26th Jul 2022

    Nice batting that uses recycled soda bottles. Reduce, reuse!

  • 5
    Dream green select batting

    Posted by Deb McKenna on 3rd Oct 2021

    I found this batting to be comparable to dream poly select batting, which I think is an excellent product. It has a slight greenish tinge that does not show through white fabrics in the tops I was quilting. As somebody concerned about pollution and plastics, I’m happy to think that dozens of soft drink bottles are repurposed in my charity quilts.

  • 5
    Dream Green Se;ect-Midloft

    Posted by Frani Boberg on 15th Sep 2021

    Easy to use. Feels beautiful in a garment, which is what I used it for.

  • 5
    Dream Green

    Posted by Judy Buchenau on 21st May 2021

    Love that batting

  • 5

    Posted by Maggie on 22nd Feb 2021

    I used this for my first-ever quilting project. It worked well and I love that it is made from recycled materials. I wouldn't use anything else!

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